Hundreds of generations ago, Tiamut, the God of the Mortarians, stole his brother’s powerful Onyx Ring. By stealing Alduna’ar’s ring, Tiamut sparked The Age of War; a war that lasted hundreds of years and forever changed the face of the world. When Tiamut was finally defeated when he desperately tried to invade The Vale of Alduna’ar, his fallen body was run back to the Mortarian fortress capitol, and his brother gods left the world.

Now, the power of Tiamut stirs. The disciples of Alduna’ar are trying to decipher an ancient prophecy in hopes that it holds the secrets to defeating Tiamut without the help of the gods. At the same time, the rest of the world has forgotten the true power of the gods of legend, and may not be ready to face the rage of Tiamut.

Are the unlikely adventurers assembled by the First Disciple really the heroes of prophecy? Or will Tiamut finally realize his dream of complete domination?

Tiamut's Awakening